1982 Staff


The Sea Base digital photo archive effort started in late 2020 by the Sea Base Ship Store to help create a platform for crews and participants to find their crew photos from their time at Sea Base.

Due to its early stages, we are in the process of going through past photos and categorizing them, starting with our most recent crews going back to the 1980's. Check back regularly to see what photos have been added as we are going year by year, archiving and organizing them.

Missing Photos or other issues- If you can not find your crew photo, please let us know, or if you have another concern about a photo, please reach out to us here.

Submitting Photos- If you have a crew photo that does not match what is on the site or if it is missing and have a copy of it, please reach out to us here. It would be greatly appreciated if the photo can be scanned in the highest quality (300 ppi preferred) and sent with any identifying information.

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